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Orange Tip

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A lot of my friends have been painting their orange tip black so they look more realistic. Obviously, you should NEVER do this. My question is if it's okay to put a bit of masking tape or something over the tip so you are better concealed. You can have the best ghillie in the world but that blaze orange is going to give you away if someone sees it.
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I think that the police wont care about weather an airsoft gun has a temporary or permanent orange tip as long as it has it when they find the gun.
Take what I say with a grain of salt, I live in AK and people up here have RPGs and shoot holes in street signs. Hell, cops will drive by people who have multiple shotguns inside the cab of their truck, and sit there while a maniac goes at 95 mph through a red light with a real, loaded (I know because I saw the ammo belt) M2 mounted in the bed of his truck (No safeties, nothing. It was loaded, and swiveling freely while he was traveling at a little over 95, I kid you not.).

We can do just about anything up here... :p
I think I remember reading something about once you get it you can do what you like with it. Either way I'm going to keep it orange and just use some spray painted tape or something. Better safe than sorry.
Another thing you can do is buy a 2nd muzzle flash hider, if you can remove the original, and then swap out the orange one for the black one when you get to the game.
Down here at our field in KY, its rare to see anyone with an orange tip ON THE FIELD, off it you should have some form of orange on the barrel in my opinion. Its better to be safe than sorry. If your shooting your gun in your backyard make sure to tell your neighbors that it is just an airsoft gun or you could just wait until your neighbors aren't home.
My neighbors all know I have the airsoft guns. They've seen me shoot it, all questioned me about it, all left me alone about it. Even the father of the annoying neighbors I was talking about in the what grinds your gears thread stopped bugging me about the guns. I could get a real minigun probably and they wouldn't think anything of it.

I might just have to make my own tip because I'm on a very tight budget at the moment and I'm saving up for something else.
I have talked to the police of chief up here and he said this....... They are only needed to be shipped from the company to the buyer. But again this is just for my area.

If you do get pulled over, or what have you, let the officer know. Let them know that you have an airsoft replica and you should be good. And if they do try and take it, which they have no right to take them ( with out giving them back that is )

Again this is what I have been told up in my area.
I was under the impression that it is just while transporting (?) Once you, a private citizen, own it, you can do whatever you want...
Same here.
The only thing you need your orange tip for is transporting or shipping it. Otherwise the orange tip isnt needed. I always paint mine and I have a custom orange barrel condom for when I drive to a game. But I also know that as long as the rifle is inside a gun case cops dont care. Its MOSTLY just for sales/shipping. I used to be in airsoft sales and that how the lawyer explained it to me. I have had a hundred guns and maybe a quarter of em had orange tips,lol.. I have had cops pull me over and see them and not bother me at all cause they were in cases. But I am also well over age..
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