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I'm selling the original PDI manufactured M24 sniper rifle. The receiver is marked as number 53. The inside has all availiable PDI M24 parts. The receiver is realsteel H-S precision m700 stock that has been milled to airsoft use.

The receiver is onepiece solid. So it doesn't have the original two part assembly. Onepiece significally increases accuaracy in this gun. The receiver and stock has few scratch but overall they are in good condition.

This is piece of airsoft history. I have asked from PDI how many of these has been manufactured. They answered that around 100 pieces were made in total. So this is one of the airsoft relics.

Cylinder set:

Hop up chamber:

PDI HOP-UP Chamber for Classic Army / PDI M24 - Buy airsoft Accessories online from RedWolf Airsoft

Trigger unit:


Includes barrel spacers and all nessessary screws.

I will attach better pictures ones I go into workshop again. Feel free to ask anything aboat this gun.

Item locate in Finland and will be shipped to new owner.

Price is 1300e/1470$/ Reasonable offer

Contact: karri.hokka( at )


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