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Outer barrel cover!

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I thought I would share with you my waterproof cover for my outer barrel. It is tight and doesn't move about, but is also reasonably easy to remove.
It's waterproof and also stops any scratches or paint chips that you could get if you knock your barrel on something.

Excuse the poor pictures, they were taken on my phone!

>Anyway, firstly you need to get an old inner tube from a pedal-bike wheel. Cut it down to the length of your barrel from end of stock to end cap.

>Next, turn the piece of inner tube inside out. If you don't know already, there is white chalky powder that will make your barrel not only speckled with white powder, but also smell fishy!

>So, wash the inner tube piece in soapy water to clean off the powder.

>Turn the inner tube inside out again and put one end over the barrel. Twist the tube until the end reaches your stock.

You're finished! You could keep it on there and wrap it with elastic bands and vegetation, or burlap or anything else, but you could also just use it for transport and storing.
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Gotta admit this is a pretty sweet idea! It could also be painted, so for those that like their barrel painted too it is a possibility instead of a rifle wrap.
The paint could be customised per location too. Then, one could get optimal coverage without having to repaint the gun or compromise. Even if it is a bit fiddly to install, it has to be faster than painting.
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