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Would you call this an overkill scope? I got this in the mail, and i'm not sure what to think. I am not sure to send it back and get a different one or what?
It's crystal clear, just kind of big? Not sure what to think. Its just zoomed a little more in then my normal scope, and that doesn't really brother me. I normally shoot 150+ feet, and if I zoom less, then it's like way closer too.
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I personally don't think it looks big however the zoom is a tad unnecessary, but if it works for you than it should be fine. I like the look of bigger sights on my guns, like a 552 on an M4 instead of a micro dot.
Yeah, not sure if I'm a fan. I usually go to a maximum of 6x-7x, so it would seem if you aren't getting the full use of this scope, and for $100... ouch. If you shoot firearms, or air rifles then, and are looking to swap and recalibrate your scope every outing with a new gun, then go for it...
Are you saying ill have to adjust the scope everytime I go out? Why couldn't I just sight it in and leave it. It works like any normal scope, its just more zoomed in my eyes. Its way better quality then my last one, and looks badass aswell.
Yes. I have a Leapers 3-9x50 that I put on my m14. It looks really cool, but its impossible to sight in. I could see the entire flight path of the BB. I thought it was very annoying and a waste of $100 because I can't use it. Now it would work for some photo ops, but I definitely wouldn't try and use it in a game if I wanted to be effective.

I ran across a Centerpoint 1x32 red/green dot at Walmart that's absolutely amazing and for half the price.
I do shoot real steal. I have a Remington 700 .308.
I'll shoot with it today. That's the biggest part, will it work for me.
Let us know what you think of it. I couldn't stand mine, even on 3x.
that's beautiful. If it doesn't work well for sniping, you can see you enemy from a quarter mile away. You could use it for spotting.
I'm turning into more of a scout. And I love this scope a little more. I'll get some shooting in tomorrow. Waiting for my trigger.
hoggie said:
I do shoot real steal. I have a Remington 700 .308.
I'll shoot with it today. That's the biggest part, will it work for me.
No, I'm just saying if you are willing to have only ONE scope and use it on MULTIPLE guns, then this seems great, especially on a firearm set up. You will have to re-sight it every time you put the scope on a different gun though.
In my opinion, The scope its self isn't really overkill, but if you screw on that sun-shade, It might be a little crazy. The thing is like half a foot!
I put the sunshade on, and played with it today. I did WORK. It made it 100 times easier. I guess the bigger the better ;)
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