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Overnight Game

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Alright fellas, me and some boys are trying to put together a small game that is going to be an overnight game. Reason being, we want to do something different from the usual field game, and would like to play an "all-nighter". The only thing is, we need some sort of game play that lasts ALL night and into the morning. The idea is to have a winner determined in the morning/afternoon after roughly 12 hours of play. That means we can't have a game style that could end in 20 minutes, two hours, etc. It needs to be something that lasts for the 12 hours of play. After time expires, the winner is then determined.

Hit me up with some game ideas, I am sure some of you have played in games like this before. I was thinking point system, and somehow keep score through the night with recording the numbers once you "score".

Remember, this is supposed to be fun as well. Not super confusing. I have a few ideas but post what ya got!
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What about something like Capture an object and hold down the fort until day light. You can go back and forth and who ever holds the object at 7am is the winner.

Once the object is capture, you must give the opposing team 1 hr to relocate. Keep in mind this would be great for ambushes, shoot/evade and search and destroy.
I am liking the idea AHP. The whole hold down the fort, not knowing when you will be attacked, is a pretty cool idea. Not to mention, with the whoever holds it down at 7 AM concept, a winner is easily decided.

What do you mean by giving the team one hour to relocate? Here is your idea with a twist of mine added:

There is a specific fort to capture at one end of the field. Both teams start at the opposing end of the fort, at two different locations on opposite sides of the one end of the field. When game begins, teams can either choose to advance to the fort or set up an ambush if they think they will not get there early enough.

Strategy is involved, and deciding whether to take the fort early is something to consider.

Great idea man, this sounds like it could work.
I like the twist... LOL at night, now that would be funny people cracking limbs and tripping over branches rushing toward the fort. Think Brave Heart with people tripping.

What I would do is this... My crew has this funny prop (A Big Blue 1000lbs Bomb) you could plant that anywhere in the field and not tell anyone where it is. Both teams start at each end of the field and go looking for it. HEHE, now you can see teams use scouts and force recon. When that team finds the bomb they broadcast up the chain of command and General announces it to judge and over channel.

At that point each team regroups and the team with the bomb now has to setup a FOB (Forward Operating Base) and defend the bomb. They are given 1 hour to prep (assault lines, booby traps! lol (From Goonies))
The key is the other team is not told where it is; they have to go find it. This could take hours depending on the field size. Once found, battle royala!
The defending team can resupply as much as they want, they just need to get the supplies in and out without being killed. Any supplies capture can be used for the assaulting team. Also the defending team can have no more than 3 lives and a medic must heal also if medic goes down the can touch to bomb to get a life.

Hell, this sounds fun already! This is perfect for snipers and assaulting/defending.
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What size is the field;
With how many people around, and if the area is urban or woodland.

Many scenarios change depending on the space and players.

And for so many hours have to do something to keep the interest of players.

Not only defense and attack. Looking to combine things to make them open up new missions ;)
Why don't you try hunteering? Look up 6mm hunters on youtube, they have been doing it for years, with events lasting up to 5 days.

The basic premise is that it is based on orienteering. You must navigate to a certain # of control points, map grid squares(use your imagination) etc. in whatever order per day, or in your case just one time. Any map grid, control point whatever not visited will result in a one point deduction.

You split the people up into either 1 man units, or up to a squad sized team. You will want at least 3 separate teams.

One person from each group will pull a straw, and the person who pulls the shortest straws team will be the "counter hunter" team. They do not need to worry about the navigation, just hunting down the other team. However, at the end of the game, oh say 1 hour remaining, they must place an objective(target in my example) in an area that is visible from the most angles possible, and then radio the position to the other teams.

Now the other teams will try and move in and shoot the target, to earn an extra point. The counter hunter team can hang out around the objective and try and engage the other teams, or they can bug out.

With 30 minutes to go, a "finish line"(predetermined "line" or area) is announced and you get an extra point if you cross the line before end ex.

If someone in your group is hit, they must lie down in place for X # of minutes(I'll leave this to you to determine). If your whole team is eliminated, you must move to the boundary of the game area and radio your team back in(same rule applies if it is a single person or pair).

Feel free to ask any questions, I may have left something out. It makes for a VERY intense game, because just as much as you are hunting the other team, you yourself are being hunted(if not more so!).

I did not invent this game, all credit goes to the 6mm hunters and Phantom TMA(Youtube name, Phantom+Bushman are his forum names).

Now what about cheaters? Unfortunantly this is the major downfall of this game, so honorable players are a must for the game. If its just you and your buddies, you should have no issues.

You may need to edit some of the rules to suit your game.

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Thanks for the all the input everyone.

Sounds like fun woogie, that is similar to what I wanted to accomplish with our overnight game. Guard rotation and sleep rotations, and finding a way to get things done on the field.
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