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In a few weeks I'll be going to a game that starts on a Friday evening, and runs into Saturday afternoon.

Anyone willing to drive to Frederick, MD is welcome! (so long as you abide by the rules)

This is close to my intended loadout:

Now, I can in now way match the skills of an actual member of a LRRP, but I can try

I have a mediumALICE pack (straps, no frame) and a ELBV coming. I plan on keeping my ghillie coat and netting in my pack and strapping my M28 to the pack during patrol movements. If I spot a target, I'll throw my ghillie on and conceal my pack under the netting and foliage. Sort of a sniper/scout mix.

M28 sniper rifle
AK-47 AEG (no buttstock)
Spring pistol (for looks
Thunder B's

2-way radio
Extra mags
Protein bars
Cleaning rod
Map (if I can get one)

A mix of medium and low density woods, with a few fields. 60+ acres. I have never been there, only seen pics.

30-40 total. Most have experience on this field.

I do not know the format of the game as of yet. I am hoping for 1 or 2 battles only. I do know that they are planning on having HQ's staffed by a few of the fathers.

Thanks for reading this far!

My questions for you:

1. Is this a dumb idea? Am I over-thinking?
2. Anything I'm forgetting?


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inthetallgrass said:
I wouldn't carry anything large like a backpack that big. I'd bring all the gear and the guns - besides the cheap pistol - and then put everything in a very light close to the body pack so you make less of an indentation when lying down with the ghillie.
Point taken on the pistol.

I don't plan on wearing the backpack while in the ghillie. If the battle is one long team-vs-team game, then I plan on heading out by myself and camping somewhere near the enemy base (if I find it). I think I'd need the larger pack to carry everything.
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