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With the MK23 the one thing that is rarely mentioned is mags, holding 25 rounds usually, and costing $25 to $40, not including the expensive bits people sell for them.
A P90 on the other hand has a mag with at least 100 rounds, and a good deal more with the Krytac one and the SSR90 one in development, so in terms of price per round you're doing way way better.
Also worth considering durability, as a MK23 mag is at least half a pound and any drop on a hard surface is probably rather bad for it, sometimes even unrepairable like snapping the wings that hold the feed lips in(not that I've done that...).
Not saying that P90 mags are indestructible, but compared to a MK23 mag they are a lot closer.

As for sound, I have no experience with the P90 or really any other AEGs for that matter, but it's with some Dynamat Xtreme and some decent open cell foam for sound studios or gun cases and you should be doing pretty well. For a suppressor, look at just getting whatever you think looks cool, and then make foam rings for it.
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