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A P90 can have a fair bit of reach with the right setup. I run .36’s out of my 1.4J gearbox in my CYMA P90, and can get out to 200 feet. It currently runs the standard port that P90’s use, but I plan to run a full cylinder (doing the same with my Thompson, same gearbox). I run a Prowin P90 hopup unit with a flathop bucking and nub, paired to an Angel Customs 6.03x260mm tight bore and it does well.

Things to keep in mind (especially for noise):

-Get a good set of gears (like a set of SHS), and shim them well to the gearbox. The gears that come with the CYMA V6 gearboxes are very noisey; a good set of gears and a proper shim will make a big difference. I would recommend a 16:1or 18:1 for simplicities sake.

-run a High torque, low RPM motor with Neodymium magnets, the shorter cycle time of a torquey motor will made the duration of any noise to be “shorter” and that makes it difficult to pinpoint the location of where it came from. Make sure the motor height is good too.
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