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P90 sidearm/ CQB primary project

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Hi everybody :)

I currently have a striker as02 and I make it very amazing: short, precise, silent, can rise 0.4 g at 60 meters at less than 1j and now is time to make a good sidearm that can match it and can help me in situations where someone with a full-auto fight me and/or alternatively can be a good primary in CQB situations.

Firstly I look for the new AAP-01 but honestly I don't like to much gas pistol: are to expensive and not so constant for me and everytime I should refill the gas so... I prefer bolt or AEG. I also look to build a good electric DMR but for now will be to much expensive and I know very little about AEG.

For these and also other reasons, I start looking for a electric submachine replica and my attention fall in the iconic P90.

My goal is to achieve a good P90 that could be fast and silent: I don't want to reach high distances (50 meters could be enough) (my limit is 0.99J).
My other goal is that this project should be very cheap: my max budget should be about 150/200 Euros (I'm poor :): )

I was looking for CYMA, CYBERGUN/FN-HERSTAL or JG's P90 and some upgrades that can fit my goals but how I said I'm not good with AEG and I know very little about them.

So please: can you suggest me a list with a good P90 replica with some nice upgrades?
I know that I ask a lot but will be very helpful for me.

Thanks in advice :)
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I tried to shorten the spring first, which is fairly easy being two parts with a plastic connector, didn't help at all, but great that ot worked wirh your mag.
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