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Hi everyone :)

I have an Echo 1 ASR, and, as part of my effort to better conceal myself, I'm planning on painting it OD Green.

So, I have couple questions on how to properly paint an airsoft gun. My brother (who is more into being artsy than playing airsoft) decided to try to paint one of his airsoft guns a while back using spray paint, and that didn't work out well. So this led me to my questions:

1. What type of paint do I use?

2. Do I need any specific types of paint or any specific process of painting (pretty much, any special considerations because it is an airsoft gun)?

You can probably tell I've never done this before, but thanks in advance for the help :)

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Make sure your rifle is clean.
Tape off anyplace you don't want the paint to go.
Clean your rifle again.
Use Krylon paint, if you want it permant. Though I usually go with any type of paint, becuase when it peels and wears off it looks better ;)
Keep the can arount 6 inches from the rifle as you spray.
Spray in a nice even speed, keeping the can parallel to the rifle.
To slow and you will get drips.
To fast and it wont cover like you want.
A little fast you can always go back with another coat if needed.
Overlap your paint path by an inch or so.

The more you do the better they will look.
Just give it a try and see what you like.

If you mess it up, just get some paint thinner and take it off.

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Just about any decent spray paint will do. The main trick is finding colors that work well for your area.

One trick I use is to top everything off with two or three light coats of a clear matte finish. This helps "flatten" the paint so you don't get glare and it makes the paint look a little more even.

You should be able to find the matte finish where you buy your paint.

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Moondog wrote this good article about what to be thinking about when you paint the rifle. I've also written up a tutorial somewhere on this has pics too. Even of what not to do.

You can find paint at the big hardware stores that specifically says "matte" finish, which means no shine. You can also throw down some branches and leaves if you want a shadow of it.
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