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Laylax aps-2 aero chamber: $40 + shipping
New condition, has been opened and o-rings are installed.

PDI Duralumin receiver for type 96: $120 + shipping
This is in like new condition, has been installed once, includes screw to align it with the outer barrel. $220 on x-fire!

Laylax type 96 sp190, sp210 springs (still in packaging): $15 each + shipping.

Stock Maruzen type 96 cylinder, stock maruzen barrel and hop up assembly: $25 + shipping each
Barrel comes with PDI spacers. Much better quality than any clone, will up accuracy and durability when dropped in.

Stock Maruzen type 96 trigger system: $40 + shipping
Good quality, will hold up to a 500 fps spring no problem.

Firefly hard hop up AEG bucking: $10 + shipping.
Widely acknowledged as (one of) the best hop up bucking on the market.

Madbull hard type AEG bucking (black), shark accelerator design: $5 plus shipping.

WE Dragon 1911 5.1 hi-capa (with nonworking mag): $40 + shipping.
Has a woodland paintjob to break up the outline, slide/outer barrel have been sanded/polished/lubed to help movemnt. Mag leaks
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