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Hello everybody!

Recently I have been thinking that it would be a good idea if I made some ASF patches. On a few of the other forums that I am on have started doing this and I think it is a good idea to kind of spread the word of ASF. Last night I did a quick sketch up of what I thought they might be able to look like. Before you respond saying that it looks bad, please take notice that this is my first time ever with photoshop. Now, I wasn't able to add this in the picture, but I was going to add the words Airsoft Sniper Forum around the outside of the crosshair equidistant apart. Also, the color to the left of the image is the color I was thinking about, but that could change at any moment. Pleas post your comments on what you think it should look like, if we should even have one, or any other changes that you would like to see made. Also, I would like to know the backing type you guys would prefer (velcro, sew-on, etc.)

Here is the pic:

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Thanks, I was wanting the guns to be just silhouettes, but I couldn't find good enough silhouette pictures. Also, with the guns alignment, I can only move the guns in certain pre-determined lengths, and that looked ok when I was doing it. Furthermore, this picture is just a proof of concept model, not a final design. The bb was just there because I thought the patch was too plain when I first started.
I would maybe make the greens darker because right now the main color is a little blaring. I tried woog's idea last night as well, but I couldn't get it to look right. Also, I would maybe change the design a little bit by changing he person making him a little more sniper-like. Fuzz, I am all for getting more ideas. I think we should get all of the members on the forum in on this because in a way it represents us all.

Also, what software did you use sounguru?
Also, if this ever took off, we could do a yearly thing, although that could get a little expensive.
I agree with sounguru and think that we should all agree on a base before we actually design the patch, in turn making our lives one step easier.
I really like that design sounguru.
So woogie, basically my patch design with a different type of base patch?
But yes, the skull should probably go, but I think the words should stay IMHO.
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I like the idea, but we are now exactly ASR here, not tons of people know who we are.
Man, those last two logos you posted up look really good. I would still be posting up ideas as well, but I can see that I am out-classed in design!
sounguru said:
Still my favorite.
I also agree that the NBA style patch looks great and that the colors are way too bright for field play.
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sounguru said:
I like it better with the person inside the best now. I don't know what it is, but that is still the best design IMHO.
Well, you might be able to if we get the permission to go ahead. :/
Yes! I am glad I posted this thread now!
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