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Hello everybody!

Recently I have been thinking that it would be a good idea if I made some ASF patches. On a few of the other forums that I am on have started doing this and I think it is a good idea to kind of spread the word of ASF. Last night I did a quick sketch up of what I thought they might be able to look like. Before you respond saying that it looks bad, please take notice that this is my first time ever with photoshop. Now, I wasn't able to add this in the picture, but I was going to add the words Airsoft Sniper Forum around the outside of the crosshair equidistant apart. Also, the color to the left of the image is the color I was thinking about, but that could change at any moment. Pleas post your comments on what you think it should look like, if we should even have one, or any other changes that you would like to see made. Also, I would like to know the backing type you guys would prefer (velcro, sew-on, etc.)

Here is the pic:

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I like the design, I just think it's to detailed for on a patch, and I think the bb will look awkward.

I would just make it two sniper rifles but just the outline and then fill it with black. And I would take 2 guns which look less like each other. A patch is not capable of being so detailed as far as I know.

Also try to get the guns alligned better, I bet it's hard to do but you asked for our opinions ;)
I really like the logo you made sounguru.

I also like the patch design with the guy with the rifle, just not the red and blue
I think it would stand out pretty much on the field, and since we're snipers, we're not suposse to stand out. I would like it in the base colors of ASF.
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I wouldn't care what the costs of buying and shipping would be, but I'd definitely buy the patch and the logo with the guy on it looks awesome, great job sounguru.

Now just hope the head mods like it.
1 - 3 of 80 Posts
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