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Hello everybody!

Recently I have been thinking that it would be a good idea if I made some ASF patches. On a few of the other forums that I am on have started doing this and I think it is a good idea to kind of spread the word of ASF. Last night I did a quick sketch up of what I thought they might be able to look like. Before you respond saying that it looks bad, please take notice that this is my first time ever with photoshop. Now, I wasn't able to add this in the picture, but I was going to add the words Airsoft Sniper Forum around the outside of the crosshair equidistant apart. Also, the color to the left of the image is the color I was thinking about, but that could change at any moment. Pleas post your comments on what you think it should look like, if we should even have one, or any other changes that you would like to see made. Also, I would like to know the backing type you guys would prefer (velcro, sew-on, etc.)

Here is the pic:

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If only someone has an midwest sniper cup 2008 patch laying around... it could be converted ;)

Let me see what I can dig up here.

Don't try and nostalgia too hard at the first ever Airsoft sniper comp in the world. It comes in OD green, tan, and multicam. I know the lady that makes it and its a phone call away.
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More detail = what the hell is that from a distance?
less detail = simple icon people know

Im not saying more detail is a bad thing, but I feel like the simpler it is the easier it can be recognized and remembered. And its not a knock off of someone else's patch, I designed it as I hosted the midwest sniper cup.
Either way we go with this, there is a business side to this. I would be more than willing to take charge of making the phone calls and ordering the patches, however current job as is is what has my time. If any of the mods wanted to this task up. But let's go ahead and get basic design specs out of the way, narrow it down to two or three and then make another poll. Democracy prevails.

woogie said:
Simple not much to it.... but you can just glance at it and know what it is.
My thoughts exactly.
Im not going to lie man, these things have happened in the past. I understand that you've almost been on the site for a year now. But this feels like its moving fast. Talking about making a banner and whatnot now, I've been a member of this website for nearly 4 years, not long after it was created and most certainly when it was just getting going. ASF is an international thing now, something like this is something I personally don't want to see rushed. You said you all wanted specific and not done elsewhere, so let's start from there.

Airsoft Sniper

EDIT: could someone do one of those red/blue backgrounds with the person being white silhouette? But have the guy obviously be crouched with a long rifle and ghillie suit. If you don't know what im talking about check out the nba logo thing.
soundguru: I like the 3rd one you made in that last post, could you change the text so it doesn't have the lines at the bottom? I've got a professional patch maker in canada (sue from COM patches who can help us out with this, just gotta settle on a final design).
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Thanks man, can't wait to see the results.
The new subdued ones are my favorite thus far. Definitely looks like something I would rock on my gunbag and flak.
Unfortunately im working off my phone right now, ill get in contact with sue and see what we can do about getting this rolling. It seems pretty conclusive, but I don't want to be the only authority on the patches happening. Ill wait until Livonia takes a look. As this forum officially belongs to him.
As long as we keep doing what we're doing and maintaining a positive image on the airsoft community I doubt anyone would mistake us for those kids on airsoft forum. We're professional airsoft snipers. They're weekend warriors with a long rifle.
Still nothing. I figured Livonia would have checked this out by now. Ill shoot him a fb message and see what's up.
Alright, well I'll make an executive choice here and ask Sue to go ahead and make these patches. If not then I'll find a place that'll host it, so long as we can settle on a low price for them.

EDIT: Update: I've gotten in contact with Sue, she is 100% down for making this happen. I've got her making several different variations of the patch, it'll be a standard 3" x 2" patch. The different versions I've asked her to make are:
-Traditional (What is done in the picture)

So once she's done with all that she said that she'll shoot me an email with what she came up with, I'll make a new thread that will be stickied that will contain all the information to how to obtain the patch. I'm pretty sure they will run about $5.00-$6.00 a pop, but I should have designs and further instruction up tonight.
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woogie said:
That is great news man!!

Are they going to have velcro backs?
Of course they will man.
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