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Hello everybody!

Recently I have been thinking that it would be a good idea if I made some ASF patches. On a few of the other forums that I am on have started doing this and I think it is a good idea to kind of spread the word of ASF. Last night I did a quick sketch up of what I thought they might be able to look like. Before you respond saying that it looks bad, please take notice that this is my first time ever with photoshop. Now, I wasn't able to add this in the picture, but I was going to add the words Airsoft Sniper Forum around the outside of the crosshair equidistant apart. Also, the color to the left of the image is the color I was thinking about, but that could change at any moment. Pleas post your comments on what you think it should look like, if we should even have one, or any other changes that you would like to see made. Also, I would like to know the backing type you guys would prefer (velcro, sew-on, etc.)

Here is the pic:

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Very nice work on the designs, I would love to have a patch and a sticker, either or.
Still nothing. I figured Livonia would have checked this out by now. Ill shoot him a fb message and see what's up.
sounguru said:
A more subdued patch...

This is so damn sexy and I would totally buy it!
Well, you might be able to if we get the permission to go ahead. :/
Any news on the patches? I really like the ASF one with the crosshairs and silhouette.
Alright, well I'll make an executive choice here and ask Sue to go ahead and make these patches. If not then I'll find a place that'll host it, so long as we can settle on a low price for them.

EDIT: Update: I've gotten in contact with Sue, she is 100% down for making this happen. I've got her making several different variations of the patch, it'll be a standard 3" x 2" patch. The different versions I've asked her to make are:
-Traditional (What is done in the picture)

So once she's done with all that she said that she'll shoot me an email with what she came up with, I'll make a new thread that will be stickied that will contain all the information to how to obtain the patch. I'm pretty sure they will run about $5.00-$6.00 a pop, but I should have designs and further instruction up tonight.
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That is great news man!!

Are they going to have velcro backs?
woogie said:
That is great news man!!

Are they going to have velcro backs?
Of course they will man.
Good news, good news......

So any pics as of yet man....... the money in my paypal account is in need of spending
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That is amazing news man. I'm so excited to see these as real patches.
Yes! I am glad I posted this thread now!
Has anything came about on this? I really like these two. I would sport either one or both.

A more subdued patch...

And if you wanted to tie the 2 together...

Ok let's just keep this thread going instead. There's some awesome designs here! Fuzzy, how about you make a new thread of the top 5 designs and we have a vote?

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We already did, and Dutton had one of the places to make them as well.

I will send him an pm and see if he can't get the link back up, due to it all being over on the old forum.
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I liked a lot of the patch ideas I saw. I would sport any of them,lol..
I've got to see how much money I have on my card, if I can't get one soon, I will definitely get one when I can.
What happened to the link? I can't seem to find it.
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