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here it is, my rifle. All PDI parts, list upon request.

PDI VSR-10 Hard Piston
PDI VSR-10 1st Sear
PDI VSR-10 2sc Sear
Head 1950 VSR-10 (430mm)
PDI SPR 250%
Barrel spacer
Cheek rest

I run 0.32g Golden Balls in it, like a charm

Who knew Ranger Green and Primer Grey could go well together in a tiger stripe pattern?

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I am liking it a lot. Very different from the norm that I am used to seeing. Plus one for a unique looking rifle. The paint job looks really good, and love the tiger stripe. I would like to see some more pictures at different angles if you could? Maybe some outdoors?

And I will take that list if you do not mind. ;)
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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