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PDI 6.01 430mm compared to 554mm

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i currently have a PDI 6.01 430mm inner barrel with 4 barrel spacers in my VSR,

is it worth the $150 dollars to buy a new PDI 6.01 554mm barrel in terms of accuracy? will i notice a increase of accuracy????
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Don't get it! basically, the 430mm inner barrel is pretty perfect in terms of cylinder volume for VSRs. I ordered a PDI outer barrel and they sent me the 690mm version which is for the 554mm inner barrels, but I'm keeping my 430mm inner barrel inside it.

A huge mistake people make in airsoft is thinking that the longer the barrel the more accuracy you will have, it isn't true. I've seen pistols out-range assault rifles! ;)
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the 554mm is indeed meant for the bore-up VC cylinder kit.
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