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PDI 96

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Well here she is guys.

Started off as a UTG MK96, and ended up into this. She currently has.....

PDI plastonite cylinder HD set
PDI 220 spring
PDI short fluted barrel
PDI AI muzzle break
PDI hop up chamber
Zero trigger
Madbull 6.03 V2 inner barrel, AK length
Center point 3-9x50mm

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You could show me how much you like it by making a pay pal donation to me

I actually just got done with the paint and took the pic... Can't wait to get her out in the field.
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Been gone a few days sorry guys, am currently in Mm shooting my M2 50cal.. so typing on the phone.

The total rifle is close to a grand. Now the base I got as a gift so no money there, as well as scope and bipod already had. But yes sniping is not easy or cheap. I have it set now for 200 copy zero, but was getting 250 my last game while using .30 for ammo. Not to heavy and not to light, needing to get some SGMs to try or something similar. The rifle does like .40s as well.

But great rifle and I love it.

But if you want to het into this part of airsoft, start slow and build up a nice rifle. Because like fuzzy said , the trigger was $200 alone. The cylinder set was $220. The outer barrel, hop up, spring, and flash hider cost about $300. Then the cost of shipping and personal time and making sure my wife.was happy through it all. So you can see the price gets up there.
I actually got it from my work place
It was from a piece of medical equipment that I work on. Was glad that it fit just right.

If you need one let me know ... I have a ton of them here at work that we usually just throw away. I did have to cut a little bit of it off to make it fit in the bolt flush. But it does work.
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LOL .... trade ya for a rifle wonko... lol
LOl .... always worth a try

And besides you don't need that WA anyway....
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