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PDI 96

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Well here she is guys.

Started off as a UTG MK96, and ended up into this. She currently has.....

PDI plastonite cylinder HD set
PDI 220 spring
PDI short fluted barrel
PDI AI muzzle break
PDI hop up chamber
Zero trigger
Madbull 6.03 V2 inner barrel, AK length
Center point 3-9x50mm

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Absolutely beautiful. Great job Woogie, glad everything has worked out nicely for you. Love the external specs, and of course, the top notch internals. Paint job is also incredible!

Once again, nice work. Need I say more?

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I just finished up my rifle a few days ago. I was having some hop up problems. I had to play the last game with only my knife. I too cannot wait to field my rifle in the upcoming weeks.

Enjoy your fun ;)
I do not know the exact amount he spent, but it was not cheap. Woogie has put alot of time and effort into that rifle. The internal parts alone cost a bundle, not to mention, the externals were pretty expensive too. But it is not just the money that made that rifle great, its all the hard work woogie put into it day in and day out. Whether it was with tweaking the hop up, or giving it a new paint job.
Pdi 96

Confused over here. You posted up another thread stating you did not have time to make a ghillie, but now you have time to tinker with a rifle? Also you said that you were on a budget.
A bolt action rifle is a very expensive route, easily $600-$1000. However, over time the rifle can be upgraded as you obtain more money. It can be a slow but totally worth it process.
To tell you the truth, tinkering with the pdi hop up chamber will take some time. A clone rifle has only one arm for adjusting the hop up. I could easily adjust the hop up of the clone mk96 (stock hop up) in about two minutes to get it where I wanted. The pdi hop up chamber has two arms that can be adjusted. Also, you have to install the o rings inside the chamber (somewhat annoying) and need to work with various parts that the clone hop up already has installed. The pdi hop up chamber is great but needs some serious tinkering to get it to where you want it.
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