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PDI barrel and different brand barrel ends

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I see silencer adapters, flash hiders, and barrel ends all over the place but no one seems to carry the PDI brand. I currently have a PDI fluted barrel installed on my Maruzen Type 96 and I was wondering if anyone has had any successful first hand experience with other brands of ends for the PDI fluted barrel.
The reason why I'm even bringing this up is because the original barrel end will not fit on the PDI outer barrel but the PDI barrel end will fit on the end of the original outer barrel ::)

I currently own a PDI barrel plug but would love to have this on the end since my inner barrel sticks out just a little.
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Embed I was looking for first hand knowledge, but thank you for your input and suggestion for x-fire. Also my understanding is that Laylax and PDI are different companies, this is the reason for my hesitance.
I was trying to avoid buying from that site due to the fact that everything is in Yen but in doing some research it looks like paypal handles the conversion at the time of the transaction. My apologies for not having a thread that contributed. I'll try to be more constructive in the future.
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