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PDI Bore UP Cylinder - Original Receiver

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Hello ,

i have a small problem with my TM Vsr-10....

i am running a PDI Bore Up Cylinder with the original TM receiver and my Bolt Pull is not very smooth. I already read that the combination does not fit very well, so I edited the receiver a little bit, but its still not smooth.

Then I found this note in the cylinder description:

How to installation ;
The case of normal receiver / Please detach 2 white rings inside the receiver.

Does that mean that I just have to take the 2 white cylinder guide rings out of my receiver to make it work and run it without them?

Does someone have some tipps or tricks to make the Bolt pull smoother?

Thanks for any help and greetings from Germany ! :yup:
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I would not recommend doing that. That might scratch the cylinder and it will be even worse. With the tight glide rings it will just be very tight. If you really want to do something then take out the rings and sand them down slightly on the inside.

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thank you, i will try it out!
You can also get a new reciever. Action army reciever is £30.

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does the Action army receiver fit for the BoreUp Cylinder from PDI?

i thought it just fits for original size cylinders..
Hmm. Don't know. Are you using a 45 degree trigger setup by the way.

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I am using the PDI V Trigger Unit
If it still isn't smooth after sanding down maybe try this

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Thanks for the help! I will try it out the next days
By the way, you only need to take 1mm off as I read an article that says the bore up is 1mm wider on each sides. Diameter is 2x larger.

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I tried to find them, but they are everywhere out of stock.. or do you know where I can still buy them?
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