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I scrapped my Vacuum piston for this very reason.

You need to use Black Silicon Sealant also called "RTV" in the automobile world. Black Silicon is an adhesive that is durable and creates a seal wherever you apply it. I attached the front Oring back on using it. However, from the looks of yours, its pretty destroyed.

The piston cup design is much better than the Vacuum. Try and get your hands on a Modify Cylinder head, Laylax/Gaurder/Modify or and other cup designed pistons. Keep in mind you will need a piston cup as well, Laylax makes a Soft red one, and Guarder makes a medium blue one. This setup will last you years and years to come.

All 3 items are in stock. Just go on WGC and search APS2.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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