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For a nub in the PDI chamber, people have reported success by using a pen ink tube. Like, the plastic tube inside of pens (any old pen like a bic pen will do) that holds the ink. Some complain that the ink tube is too hard, but I think that stiffness means consistency, while flexibility is opposite. I even managed to use an old Lego flagpole piece and cut it to fit.

What you could also do is use an SCS or PCS or H nub (which would be pointless if your bucking has a concave nub or anything like that inside like a PDI W-nub bucking, but useful if you have a flat nub or no nub). Simply use some non-drying modeling clay to "stick" the nub to the hop up arms. You can easily find some of the clay at a Walmart or Target in the arts & crafts section. When you stick the nub on though, you'll have try and make it as centered on the arms as much as possible.
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