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PDI Hop Up

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Not sure if anyone else saw this, but check out where the hop up adjustment screws are on this hop up chamber.

About time PDI figured out how to solve the "screws hitting the cylinder head" problem. Not sure if anyone is in the market for one, but if you are, this looks like something that would be a little more user friendly.
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fuzzywolly said:
[quote author=ctman board=vsrclone thread=2709 post=22133 time=1305846097]would assume that this PDI chamber would come in handy for those who own a TM Clone. Never owned one, but from my experience with clone rifles, Clone hop up < TM hop up. If you are unable to find a TM hop up, buying this PDI might come in handy.
I have worked quite a bit with both. From what I've found, the TM really isn't all that different from the JG. They both seem to have really the same materials and build. The buckings themselves even seem little different. They need the same type of work, and I haven't gotten anything out of a TM chamber that I haven't been able to pretty much match with the TM. Other clones like the UHCs and Wells, I agree that the TM has a leg up. The TM Precision chamber, not to be confused with the stock TM, is better than any of them in it's unmodified form, much better tolerances and the like. But even then, it's performance is matchable with the stock chambers with proper shimming.

Essentially, what you get out of a hop-up isn't so much what you put into it in parts as what you put into it in tuning.

The PDI chamber looks to be very much like a PDI L96 chamber, which is a solid design. But I don't really see that as superior to the TM design. Either needs to be tuned correctly to give the results you want.
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