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PDI palsonite cylinder question.

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Hello everybody, I am currently in the process of figuring out the upgrades I want in my VSR and I have a question.

I know that the laylax teflon cylinder makes the bolt pull significantly lighter, does the PDI palsonite cylinder do the same thing?

Also does the PDI vacuum piston really make a great difference as far as accuracy goes? Or is it not really worth it?

Thanks in advance, Josh
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VC= Vacuum. The piston is made for longer barrel rifles to push more air and reduce ''barrel suck''
HD= Hard. Just a normal ole piston.

As for the full cylinder kits, the only difference is the piston.
Cheese Man said:
By the way, don't use the PDI piston. The polar star one fits, or should, and it seals way better, in my experience.
As far as I know, P* pistons only come in 7mm unless you order direct from them for a 9mm, the OD of PDI springs, or you buy it then send it in for reaming.
Cheese Man said:
Mine was 9mm, I had a PDI spring guide in my type 96n and the polar star piston worked great.
Thats because the spring OD for an L96 is 9mm, for a VSR its 7. So the P* piston for the VSR comes in 7mm diameter unless ordered other wise.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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