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Well I would really like to get a Laylax Zero trigger and keep my GSpec all Laylax, but no one has the Zero Trigger in stock. My question then becomes, has anyone had any experiance with the PDI V-Trigger? Non-bore up, of course, but all the reviews say that it is pretty good, I just always heard Laylax to be better.

Also, would the PDI V-Trigger and PDI EZY S-piston be compatible?

I realize the spring guide and springs I will have to buy **
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Laylax is a subsidiary of Prometheus if that helps at all. I have some Laylax parts in my M24 and they're just dandy. Well-built and reliable. I see Laylax and PDI on a similar plane in terms of quality. Both would be a worthy option when it comes to choosing an upgrade. I gave up searching for specific M24 upgrades so I switched my entire internal assembly into upgraded PDI and Laylax APS parts.

I'm pretty sure First Factory is also part of the Prometheus/Laylax company because on the box of my Laylax cylinder it says "First Factory" in the corner.
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