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Well I would really like to get a Laylax Zero trigger and keep my GSpec all Laylax, but no one has the Zero Trigger in stock. My question then becomes, has anyone had any experiance with the PDI V-Trigger? Non-bore up, of course, but all the reviews say that it is pretty good, I just always heard Laylax to be better.

Also, would the PDI V-Trigger and PDI EZY S-piston be compatible?

I realize the spring guide and springs I will have to buy **
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Embed said:
Laylax is a subsidiary of Prometheus if that helps at all. I have some Laylax parts in my M24 and they're just dandy. Well-built and reliable. I see Laylax and PDI on a similar plane in terms of quality. Both would be a worthy option when it comes to choosing an upgrade. I gave up searching for specific M24 upgrades so I switched my entire internal assembly into upgraded PDI and Laylax APS parts.

I'm pretty sure First Factory is also part of the Prometheus/Laylax company because on the box of my Laylax cylinder it says "First Factory" in the corner.
Embed is correct. First Factory is Laylax. And if Laylax is Prometheus then they are all the same.

As PDI and Laylax, it depends on parts. I beleive Laylax is better internals when it comes to cylinders and their internals.

I think PDI is great for everything else. Hopup, Inner-barrels, Externals, and the one thing I may say for cylinders would be Springs.
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