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Well I would really like to get a Laylax Zero trigger and keep my GSpec all Laylax, but no one has the Zero Trigger in stock. My question then becomes, has anyone had any experiance with the PDI V-Trigger? Non-bore up, of course, but all the reviews say that it is pretty good, I just always heard Laylax to be better.

Also, would the PDI V-Trigger and PDI EZY S-piston be compatible?

I realize the spring guide and springs I will have to buy **
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I think that Laylax takes the gold when it comes to hop up. I couldn't be more happy with my PSS2 Aero Chamber. It's been nothing but awesome since I dropped it in, the only downside I'm seeing right now is that the screw to hold my mag catch in is stripped, so I've gotta hit up a home depot and get a replacement. Other than that.. Good things.
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