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I'm working on a compare and contrast of the PDI V-Trigger and the Laylax Zero-Trigger. I own a UTG L96 and I'm looking at getting a new trigger system. I've fired a few of my friends rifles that have the Zero-Trigger in them and personally, it bothers me how light the trigger pull is. Granted I know some people like that but I personally enjoy the heavier pull of my stock trigger system. From what I have heard the V-trigger has an adjustable trigger weight and also is about $50 cheaper than the Zero-Trigger. Eventually I plan to have Laylax internals for the:

Laylax Parts:
Piston Head
Spring guide

I will then have a PDI hop up and a 6.03 tight bore AEG barrel.

What I have sadly also heard about the V-Trigger is that installation into the UTG L96 with it can be a hassle. What I am wondering is how true this is and if there are any other issues I would have with it. Any opinions from people who have owned one?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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