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Sorry for the new thread, it just made it much easier as I just have one question now.

What set-up do you guys think will perform better? I'm aiming for my rifle to be around the 500FPS mark.

PDI AEG inner barrel
PDI Hop-Up Chamber
PDI Bore-Up Chamber Kit
PDI Trigger V2 kit

PDI 6.03 inner barrel
Tokyo Marui Advanced hop up chamber with Firefly hard bucking
Laylax Zero Trigger with Polarstar 90 piston
Laylax teflon cylinder
Polarstar cylinder head
Polarstar spring guide
Laylax 150SP spring

Honestly, I don't care about the price, I just want the best possible sniper rifle I can build.
Thanks for the help. I've done tonnes of research but it's just lead to more and more questions.

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Here's a thread describing it:,36ee0551

They've been know to add a good bit of range and consistency to any rifle. There's also the ER-Hop. It's basically the same thing except the barrel window needs cut to be larger and the contact patch is longer. Some people have had problems installing, but it's only $12 for three contact patches on this site:

They also have the ER-Hop patches for a little bit more and the "IR" versions of both, which are meant for cold weather or gas rifles.
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