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Pearl is selling everything!

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Well almost everything...

Being at the Midwest Sniper Cup really rekindled my love of sniping. I'm selling the things that I don't typically use and hopefully using the money from the sold items to do a better loadout for the sniper and DM role. I have some other things that I will be adding in a little bit. If your interested in an item, please post here and I will fill you in on more information on the item such as pricing, upgrades, and the stuff it comes with.


I'll go down the rows from top to bottom, left to right.

Row one: TM SOC16, TM PSG-1

Row two: VFC M82A1 (sold), CA M249

Row three: KJW M700 Takedown, CA M15A4 with Co2 gearbox, Sun Project M40XB DX (not ready for sale yet)

Row four: VSR clone "prototype" (only replica in the world with a CF tightbore ;))

Row five: Maruzen MP5k, Maruzen Vz61 (Jump as first dibs on this item), Airsoft Elite Homeland Defender (hardest kicking airsoft gun I have ever fired!) Airsoft Elite MP5 SD6

Row six: KSC M11, KWA Python, KWA G18c, Tanio Koba VP70


I have a beautiful Tokyo Mauri SOCOM 16 that has been upgraded by Tex, so you know it has been done right. The gun shoots great and it is nice and quiet and shoots pretty damn far with great accuracy. The scope is a real Springfield Armory scope which is no longer made, but if for some reason the optics die, Springfield Armory will still fix it for free, so they are still serviceable. It took a little while to get used to all the info inside the scope, but hey, I'm a guy! I like as much random info in my face as possible. If I could walk around with a HUD, I would . Other than the real HK PSG-1 glass (AKA the "idiot scope"), this is one of the most sophisticated scopes I've ever used. Once you figure out the formulas, it just takes a second to figure out how far away your target is.

-Systema Shims
-Systema Bushings
-Madbul Python 509mm Tightbore
-PDI 170% Spring
-CA Silicone Piston head
-Modify Polycarbonate Piston
-New Semi Auto Cutoff Lever

-CA Harris Style Bipod
-Krylon Paintjob w/ Clearcoat
-G&P Scope Mount
-Springfield Armory Government Model 6x40 with bubble level and range finder.



-Unknown for the gearbox, but it has a KM 6.03 tightbore. The gun shoots pretty hot, but again, I'm not 100% sure what is on the inside because it wasn't upgraded by me.

-G&G Low profile mount
-G&G magnesium reciever (included but not installed)
-PDI 270 short barrel
-PDI Chamber block
-PDI thread adaptor
-300mm suppressor

(Note: scope, rings, and flashlight not included)

$750 OBO


This entire gun is stock, I am currently waiting for a replacement piston to come in so I can get it installed and ready to sell.


CA M15A4:

This was a little project gun I had going on and I just never really ended up using this thing.


-Mad Bull Co2 gearbox
-Mad Bull 509mm tightbore


-Classic Army Double Screw Suppressor
-Classic Army M16A2 RAS
-King Arms Crane Stock
-Vert grip

$450 OBO

TM Sig 552:

Bought this over Christmas and pumped about 300 rounds through it. It was upgraded at AEX with their high speed setup.

-Hurricane MBK
-Guarder Steel enhanced butthook (makes stock rediculasly rigid feeling)
-Guarder Steel Bolt Stop/Gasblock/Handguard Ring set
-6 MAG midcaps


-Systema m100 Spring
-Systema Metal Bushings
-Systema High Speed Flat Gears


Custom G36:

This G36 was custom built from the ground up, very few rounds have been put through this gun

-Army Code G36 recviever
-Laylax 290mm suppressor
-RS HK dual optic
-CA G36k stock
-CA G36c outer barrel
-First Factory High Grip
-G&P 10.8v 3300mAh PEQ unit
-Star SL8 mag
-TM standard
-2 MAG brand midcaps


-TM lower and gearbox with Guarder M120 FTK installed by Tex
-Prometheus 509mm 6.03 tight bore
-ProWin hopup unit
-Prometheus soft type hopup bucking

Toss me some offers!


Thats right...

Comes with both the short and the long mag and trademarks are 100% intact

$325 shipped
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What are you asking for the M82? And I know they aren't cheap so don't worry about my jaw hitting the floor. You can PM me if you'd prefer.
ok saw it is sold.

Def considering a few others though.

hmmm so much airsoft, not so much extra cash!
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