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pearldrummer's M82!!!

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many of you know the story of how i "lost" my first M82. well, after a year and a half, I finally have a VFC M82A1 again!

Ive got some more parts and accessories coming for it so keep checking in for updates.

Im working on a full review (with videos) because NOBODY has ever done that before. so why not be the first?

anyway here is my M82. included in the pic are two spare M82 mags, a RS Barrett "webbing kit" (muzzle protector, cheek rest, and heavy duty sling) and my custom 1911 (pictured with the wood grips)

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Fucking tits. That thing is amazing though. I saw .36g bb's at Dick's sporting goods for next to nothing if your looking for ammo, suprisingly they were selling them, I couldn't believe it.

But yeah, that thing is definatly insane. I'm going to have to try and get my hands on one soon.
i lov ethat m82 i almost bought one last week but i couldnt get on to the ordring page
lovely... but you knew that already

definately my favorite rifle... someday ill get one. but i definately cant wait to catch you on the field sometime.
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got this particular one on eBay...

so thats why im a little skeptical of it. BUT that is quite possibly THE ONLY place you will ever be able to find one from now on. VFC only made 100 of them that could be imported into the states.
Yes they were 8mm and it was on 13 and Novi out here in Michigan.
I see an M82A1 when I walk inside Airsoft Atlanta. It's at the front door to the right inside a glass cabinet on the wall. Damn, that thing is just beautiful. Then I looked at the tag price and it said $1000 somethin' and I was like..............nah. Even $500 is a lot for a 14 year old.
But nice gun though, looks awesome. What scope are you planning on putting on it?
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