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Ive got three Benchmade knives up for sale. Ive got two Bali-Songs, one trainer (red) and one real (silver) and an Auto 3100 Benchmite. the S&W Police Issue Auto is spoken for for now, I will let you all know if the deal doesnt work out. all these particular knives have no signs of wear and are in like new condition. I do not have any of the origional boxes. Im open to offers on these things.

first off, just to clairify, an "auto" knife is not illegal to own!

so, with that being said, the first knife for sale is the 3100 Benchmite. this thing is a really cool little knife, I just dont ever see myself ever using it (one of those impulse buy kind of thigns) this is the Benchmade link to this little guy:

the next two knives are the Benchmade Bali-Song knives, but more commonly known as a "Butterfly Knife". these are the real deal, extremely high quality and very smooth action the red one is a trainer and has a very dull mock blade whereas the silver one is a razor sharp knife. I thought that I'd get into the whole martial arts aspect of the Bali-Songs, but I just never had any time to work with these things. here is the link the the Benchmade Balisong knives. (model numbers 42 and 40TR)

Im also looking at getting rid of my Beretta blank gun. I need the money for something else, and I rarely use this thing anyway. Ive only gone through 28 rounds through this thing, so it is basically brand new.

I'm selling it with two brand new 9mm PAK boxes along with a partial box (17 rounds left) making a total of 117 blanks included with this package. the origional paperwork, cleaning tools, and case, along with a spare mag will also be included.

selling this thing for $120 ($230 worth of stuff and it is practically brand new! wont find a better deal than this.)

Im selling my beloved 1911 project gun, here is what it's got!

-honed the sears for a crisp 3.5 lb trigger pull
-pollished parts of the frame, slide and trigger
-polished the feed ramp in the hopup unit for a super smooth
feed (and theoretically less chance of getting a jam )
-modified a RS Wilson Combat extended slide catch to function with the replica
-RS wood grips (Kimber)
-three extra mags
-Origional case (not pictured)
-added a Nineball hopup packing
-Laylax 6.03 tightbore
-Dyna piston head
-Guarder Enhanced loading muzzle
-Guarder 150% recoil and hammer springs

I'll let it go for $220

I've got a TM MP7 with original packaging that I never use. The hopup unit broke (little adjustment knob fell off), so I bought a clone as a parts gun to replace the hopup unit (and as a parts gun)

all the parts listed have already been put into the gun. the Power Spring makes the ROF suffer a little, so at the buyers request, I can swap out the origional spring. I have taken this little thing apart so many times, I can do it with my eyes closed, so it wouldn't be a problem at all and would only take about 10 minutes to do)

One thing I would like to mention about the stock is that there are a few parts that are a little sticky... because it was 100+ degrees at OP:Blood Dynasty, me and a few teammates went to get something to drink at a local store. when I came back, I saw that my PSG-1 and my MP7 had switched stocks... the rest of my team decided to swap the stocks for some reason and it was held on with electrical tape. So, after getting home and replacing the stocks, I noticed that the tape left some residue on the stock. I removed most of it with Goo-Gone, but there are slight traces of it left on there that I couldn't get.

(the forementioned franken-HK and the items for sale, not everything included is shown in the pictures)

included are:
Spare TM MP7 battery
2x TM highcaps
6X MAG brand midcaps
6x MAG brand standars
Nineball Damper cylinder head
Nineball Damper piston head
Nineball 215mm 6.03mm tightbore (long)
Nineball hard piston
Nineball sling swivel
Nineball Tapered Cylinder
Nineball spring guide
Nineball Power Spring
Nineball Low Friction Bearings
PDI "vortex" style flash hider
Well R4 "parts gun"

so yeah... there is roughly $650 worth of stuff there. This thing is upgraded to the point where it is NOT a secondary weapon, but rather a primary for CQB and even woodland!

Make me some offers!


Tired of your M16 (or any REAR WIRED Armalite style gun) with a barrel too long for CQB? well here is an easy option for you! this is a CA M15A2 upper with a discontinued forend. Not sure of the manufacture, but when I bought it a while back, it was a limited production model and I cant find these things anyware anymore. this package will include a Systema .03 tightbore (MP5k length) as well. no hopup unit will be included. I'll let this package go for $120

Next is an Eagle Industries tactical thigh holster. Bought it for $80, selling for $30. I have a new holster, so this one doesnt really do me any good just sitting in my room. No flaws, no wear on anything. never skirmished.

Next up is Laylax tightbore for the M700s. Not a single round has been put through this barrel. only "flaw" is a scratch near where the hopup unit would atach.

Here is a shotgun sling, I have no use for it now that my TM M3 has been sold, so its up for $15. it has 15 loops for shells.


this is an origional (discontinued) Mauri Pro-Sight (red dot) I bought when they first came out (5 years ago?) origional price tag is still on it from a local sporting goods store. despite the fact I paid $200 for it, Ill sell it for $50

Top: Tasco Pronghorn 3-9x40, Diamond duplex: $25
Middle: Bushnell Trophy 3x9x40, Standard duplex: $45
Bottom:Tasco? Powerline 3-9x32, Standard duplex: $20


Top: Mauri M4A1 stock: $15
Middle: Blackhawk full stock cheek pad: $20 SOLD
Bottom: A&K M4 LE stock: $15


Left: A&K 8.4v 1100mah small plug battery $15
Right: LNIB Leupold 40mm flat black 3" sunshade. no damage or scratches, package is a little squished from being in a box in my room.

this is a plastic body (both rear tabs intact) off an A&K M4. there is a small hole tapped in the upper reciever and scratches on the magwel from a redi-mag system I had installed. It will only come with the front pin and the trigger guard. Ill get rid of it it for $20

here is a Mauri carry handle, perfect condition! $25

here is a RIS handguard for the MP5-SD series AEGs. I do not have the rails though... but it would be great if you had an SD6 and wanted to carry a much larger battery. I believe it will hold up to an 8.4v large with no problem. because it has no rails, Im only selling it for $15

this is a Streamlight M6 Laser/Light. it is pretty much brand new, it was mounted on my .40 Baby Eagle (real steal) for a little while, but I decided to take it off because I never really used it. it has been cleaned since then and there are no visable traces of carbon left on the lense or body of the device. it still has its origional $335.95 price tag on the side of the box, along with the origional spare bulb, batteries (I'll throw in a brand new set at no extra cost), paperwork, and both adjustment wrenches. Ill let this thing go for $175.

AEG Parts

Top: CA gearbox, came with a CA M15A4 I bought from somebody, I swaped the gearbox out with a MadBull one, so I have no use for this one. it is wired to the rear, cycles fine, decent ROF, couldn't tell you on performance though because it wasnt done by me, but I'd guess that it is cranking them out at around 375ish? ill let this thing go for $50 SOLD

Bottom: this is a CA M15A2 lower assembly. fully stock ~3500 rounds through it. ~300 FPS. SPF

quick little rules: NOT INTERESTED IN TRADES, preferably PayPal as payment. If you don't like the prices, don't bitch about them being too high or whatever. I'm not desperate to get rid of any of this stuff so I'm not going to haggle with you. last, there is a flat $5 shipping fee for each order.
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