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Compared to the other option of the Shadow Regime M-trigger, (I have one) I think this is a better more thought-out package. Overall, I like it better than the M-trigger. But it does have some issues just like the M-trigger.

  • Pseudo-optical
  • Magnetic trigger (removes the trigger bar)
  • Replaces cutoff lever
  • All the fancy programming, binary, burst, precocking, active braking, DSG/TSG, Brushless compatible.
  • Includes Stickers (Programming, Diagnostic, and typical brand promotional crap)
  • 3d printed cutoff lever
  • limited compatibility with aftermarket triggers
  • increased maintenance hassle
  • will not work with G&G or Krytac
  • King Arms P90 and Nov SSR90 need modifications made to some parts, said modifications are not in the manual and I have yet to find them. (Lucky for me I have neither, and I did not look all that hard either, if someone sends me a link to facebook, its an instant fail for Perun as that should be on their website and manual.)
Install is easy, you dont even need to open the gearbox! However... there are some headaches that you will have to get used to. See next post!
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