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Picture Contest #4 - LIVE ACTION!

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-In game pics get extra points
-Staged pics are allowed IF in full field gear (ie. goggles, face mask, etc)

-Must be related to the sniper/spotter role
-No unsafe conduct may be promoted in the picture
-Pictures must follow size/quality rule (no blurry pics)
-Participants may enter as many photos as they like....
HOWEVER, each person must stick to one post only. Just edit your post when you want to add more pics
-As judge, I will not enter the contest.

I will announce a winner at the end of the month (March 31st, 2012)

Good luck everybody! There are currently no prizes except your own pride, unless someone would like to donate a prize. :cheers:
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Don't tell me it's too cold to be playing where y'all are?! Anyone have pics of playing today? Older photos are allowed too!
and yes that is a SAW that he is holding.
My question was.. is that a kneepad on his SAW?! :hehe:
JR, excellent use of background to match your camo.

Keep 'em coming - the photo contest is off to a great start!
Thanks Wyvern for doing this!
Of course! I was bored and had time to kill :cheers:

I could get to a game, but my friends don't, also I have only ~200 bbs. ;-(
One shot one kill! Who needs more than 200 bbs?! :tup:
It's raining here tonight, but if it's a nice weekend for any of you, don't forget to take pictures!
6 Weeks will have to wait for Contest #5 ;)
Reminder that the contest closes at the end of this month!
This closes Sunday morning! Get some pics in while you can!
I'm on my 'weekend' and dealing with car trouble + a hole in my thumb. I'll be putting up the winners this weekend.
All in all there were many great submissions and it took me a good 20 minutes deciding which placed where. Look for another themed photo contest in the near future!

First place, for excellent use of camouflage:
Second place:
Third place:
Honorable mention:
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I wish I had prizes to give out! Like I said in the first post, I'd love to have donors or sponsor companies to give prizes in exchange for a bump.
1 - 12 of 32 Posts
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