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Pistol choice, ah gw'an and help me.

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*Gw'an means "Ah go on" As in "Have a sup of that poteen, ah gw'an"

OK, I want to get a new pistol and I've narrowed it down to two.

The TM P226

I can obtain this cheaply, and a serpa which can be used on molle, belt and dropleg. So ideal holstering. I don't care a huge amount about upgrading unless it's cheap. Also, it's small enough and good on gas, both a plus. I don't mind the plastic. Whats the range, and how accurate is it in comparison to the TM Mk23?

TM MK23 full set
Silent, and accurate, however it's NBB (I really don't mind if it's quiet though).
It also comes with a LAM and silencer. I know the LAM is crap but I might squeeze a p60 drop in unit.
Problem is, it's bigger than a USP match! Even bigger with the gear. I can source a holster that fits it i.e. a tornado style molle holster, but that limits me to where I can place it. I can also source this fairly cheap.

I was considering a Hi-capa but there are no serpas for it. However there are many upgrades and it's better looking. Hard to find cheap though (For me)

Now any links, bear in mind I'm in Ireland. I'm just looking for your opinions on Mk23 vs P226 on range, reliability and ease to carry. Thanks. :tup:

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I see you as more of a woodland than cqb guy, and mk23 shines if your hidden, and I usually carry my g-spec silencer in my pocket, and screw it on when things start to serious, so the mk23 isn't that big. ;)
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