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I just ordered the last few parts for my L96, and well I'm done with that one. Except for the silencing of it. I still have to work on making it a bit more quiet. I went with a Laylax, and Prommy setup exclusively, except for the PDI Hop-Up.

I want to make a scout L96. No long silencers, light <7Lbs and around 450 FPS-500 FPS. (Yes 7 pounds is light for me at least. I hate light guns. My main gun is like 10-11 Lbs.)

Okay so back to the point...
I'm gonna do everything PDI, V-trigger, spring, spring guide, palsonite Cylinder, etc. I've heard, however, that PDI pistons suck. Any recommendations?

Also, I can't find any regular stroke PDI cylinder heads.

How is the raven cylinder? It comes with a cylinder head so I'm looking into it now.
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