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Piston help Dmr

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hello there, im new here, and have been playing for roughly 5 months. I love it!! so i want to not be an asshole and just start asking questions, this is my current setup.

i am a minimalist, the simpler something is, the better
tefloned 6.01 509mm TBB
angel custom bucking and cylinder
matrix seal components
regular ass scope from a .22

ok heres my issue, i have a m130 spring in this and have already stripped two pistons this week, it is semi auto.

can you recommend a good piston that can withstand this? i hoping to eventually put m150 spring in this.

btw im new at airsoft not at shooting
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First of all make an intro post, sorry but these are forum rules.

As for your question give as some info on the gun like brand and what upgrade have you done(if you've any).

Edit: you can ask Admin to change your name.

I don't know much on AEGs .... I will start my DMR project when I receive my base gun in about a week.

1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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