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Piston help Dmr

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hello there, im new here, and have been playing for roughly 5 months. I love it!! so i want to not be an asshole and just start asking questions, this is my current setup.

i am a minimalist, the simpler something is, the better
tefloned 6.01 509mm TBB
angel custom bucking and cylinder
matrix seal components
regular ass scope from a .22

ok heres my issue, i have a m130 spring in this and have already stripped two pistons this week, it is semi auto.

can you recommend a good piston that can withstand this? i hoping to eventually put m150 spring in this.

btw im new at airsoft not at shooting
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Your Angle of engagement might be bad. As for what piston you might want to use I have heard great things about the SHS half toothed piston.

I however currently run a prometheus hard piston in my dmr which shoots 460-470fps.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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