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Piston help Dmr

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hello there, im new here, and have been playing for roughly 5 months. I love it!! so i want to not be an asshole and just start asking questions, this is my current setup.

i am a minimalist, the simpler something is, the better
tefloned 6.01 509mm TBB
angel custom bucking and cylinder
matrix seal components
regular ass scope from a .22

ok heres my issue, i have a m130 spring in this and have already stripped two pistons this week, it is semi auto.

can you recommend a good piston that can withstand this? i hoping to eventually put m150 spring in this.

btw im new at airsoft not at shooting
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damnit, why is my name Chester? its supposed to be Chewster...
intro up.
Ics M4 metal receiver
matrix 300 high torque motor
" m130 spring and metal spring guide
"double o ring cylinder head and air nozzle
"high torque gears
"aluminum piston head
madbull 6.01 509 mm TBB
stock ics hop up
angel custom bucking and nub
sealed with teflon (Teflon errthing)
yes metal, shimmed and took the second tooth off both pistons
but still after 100 shots or so then VRRRRRRMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM gears spin freely and my piston is zilcho
for now im using my mauser and dont get me wrong i love it i just want to be able to pick off people fast

i ran into a squad once, 5 guys all bunched up like idiots picked the sniper and the support gunner off then everyone scattered, i want to at least be able to get 4 out of 5 if the situation arises again
ok ill look into the other section.
any extra advice or opinions wouldnt hurt
shs nylon polymer 7 metal tooth, yay or ney?
1 - 7 of 15 Posts
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