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Places Where Internal Pieces For The Type 96

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I am trying to get a hop-up rubber sleeve (the piece that goes onto the barrel and into the hop up) because mine became ripped up from disassembling the rifle. I have a WELL L96 put I know that it can accept parts from the type 96. Does anybody know where I can get the hop up rubber?
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You can't. The stock buckings on marzuen type 96's and its clones aren't AEG buckings, and aren't sold separately.

This has been discussed before, and your only option is to get a PDI chamber, AEG barrel, and a new AEG bucking...around $100 minimum. However, it won't be wasted as it'll significantly improve your weapon if you choose to do this.
Is it not possible to modify an AEG bucking to fit? All you need is a piece of rubber to slip over the barrel. I can't remember if it's possible as I traded my L96 chamber and barrel for bastardised Mitoyo digital calipers

I have heard of people contacting bar-10 and maybe L96 suppliers and getting spares but have never done it myself.
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It might be possible with a lot of effort, but as it won't be the right diameter OR the right length, cutting it down is going to be next to impossible. You'll end up with a split or seam lines at the best.

There have been some threads on this, and not one person has managed to successfully modify an AEG bucking that I know of. If you're interested, vindicareassassin would be the best guy to talk to about custom work (although vsr-10's are his specialty).
I had a look through my BBB ( Big Box of Bits ;)) and had a look at my old hop unit and did a few comparisons, and its not good news :( The VSR rubber would fit if you cut the front lip off and sealed it with teflon tape, silicon sealant, or my new fave whipping method but it would require substancial work to the nozzle seal as they are nowhere near the same size, in that the VSR has a bigger hole :( If you could glue a piece of rubber tube into the VSR rubbers hole that corresponded with internal and external sizes of the L96 type then you may get lucky, but past that your stuck or like zulu says buy upgrade parts. If it helps I fitted a CA M24 hop unit into mine, non standard of coarse as nothing of mine is stock for long ;), it was a bit of a fiddle to get it to fit but transformed the gun. I had an opportunity to do a side to side test against a stock Well 96 of my mates and he went away wanting me to do the same mods to his if he bought a new hop unit....., if you needed any coaxing to upgrade yours ;)
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