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Hey guys, I'll be looking into ordering the parts for my g36e DMR soon, and have a question on battery voltage. Should I go with a 9.6v batter to use a high torque motor, or will the 8.4v batteries I have already work good enough? Also, what would the benefits of swapping up to a 9.6v be for a DMR? (RoF doesn't mean anything since I'll be locked into Semi-auto)

And, here are the parts that are worth mentioning and I would like feedback on:

Guarder Poly carbonate Piston -

JBU Aluminum Piston & Cylinder Head Set -
Guarder Infinite Torque-Up Gear Set -
G&G High Torque Airsoft AEG Motor -
- I've changed these out for a Madbull 7 metal tooth piston, Guarder Piston and Cylinder Head, G&P m160 motor & SHS gears, although I don't know what ratio yet.

Guarder Super Lucid Chromium Plating Cylinder - - Purchased and it seems like it will work great. Nice polish and great air seal with the other Guarder items.

Also, what spring should I be looking at to achieve about 500-525 FPS (After the spring settles) with a 500mm barrel and a properly padded piston head and AOE? Some people say that the sorbo padding will reduce FPS because you lose cylinder volume, while others say it will increase FPS by compressing the spring. I'm currently looking at either a Prometheus M135, Systema M150 or Systema M160 and would like to avoid ordering multiple springs.

E1: Post topic changed since that's been answered & parts list altered
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metallicafatcat said:
Then you need a new gear set.
-_- Okay... but why exactly are half-tooth pistons so bad? Do you have a link to anything?
You have half a tooth supporting an entire gear train on a decently strong spring... not that complex.
Full tooth gear sets only use half the rack. I don't see where a half toothed piston makes any difference.
Okay, well I guess before I order anything... these are the gears that came stock in my JG g36. (I have altered the contrast on the image slightly so you can see the gears better)

I'm not sure what their quality is, but if they are these or similar to these gears then maybe I could just use them rather than buy a new set again since they are claimed as being able to handle m150 springs by the reviews.

Do you guys think the ones I have could handle the spring?

Also, I get what you're saying about the half-teeth, it'd be easier to remove a tooth if it was a half tooth because it has less contact with the piston than a full tooth.
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The gears you linked are very good. A regular piston should release of of your stock gear set. Not to be mean, but the way you word your sentences is very confusing and hard to understand.
If you aren't planning on using a gear set which requires a half tooth piston then just get a full rack piston. They're easier to find.
metallicafatcat said:
The gears you linked are very good. A regular piston should release of of your stock gear set. Not to be mean, but the way you word your sentences is very confusing and hard to understand.
Okay. I'll order those then. I agree... that sentence with the link in the middle is kind of confusing. I'll try to work on that.

EDIT: I already have a full toothed piston that has the AoE finished for it, so I don't need another goldentrigun. What happened was that I got my piston before I had even ordered the gears, and then didn't notice that the gears would require a half-toothed rack.

EDIT2: Also, metallica, do you think the stock gears I have are good enough or should I still order these gears?
Your gears should be fine. Most gear failures are due to poor shimming.
Alright, sounds good. Maybe I'll have my gearbox back together by the end of the week. Still waiting for my motor to get here though.
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