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Plastic Garden Fence For Ghillie Net?

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I've been making my first ghillie and have been searching for materials. I just couldn't seem to find any netting, so I started making my own out of string. after a few hours of this I only made enough to cover the sleeves. I realize you need to be patient, but this is crazy.

I found some green plastic mesh/fence in my garage you would use in your garden to keep the animals out. It's pretty pliable, a little less than 1/8 inches thick, but might be a pain for the joints (knees, elbows, neck), so I was thinking the green mesh/fence on my back non-joints, and the homemade net on joints. What do you guys think?
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I sell netting, pm me.
I used the 1/2" plastic netting and that worked fine. I managed to buy everything I needed at lowe's for about 30 bucks.
I've got the 1 inch version. That shouldn't be a problem, right?
Alright, thanks. And fuzzy, my plastic stuff looks fine, but thanks.
I used a garden netting called Pea and Bean netting. once you cut it up for ghillie and secure it with floss and glue it works great.
Several things to consider:

Firstly does it shine? You ideally wouldn't want anything which catches the light or looks too unnatural. Possibly not an issue if you spray it (but I would not spray a ghillie myself I just dyed to string/strips). Also bear in my the glue (if you're using this) as that can shine too - some people pour so sand/dirt onto the wet glue to avoid this (after the netting of course).

Secondly is it strong enough - pretty obvious.


However I would not use the netting at all. I used a Webtext concealment vest. Thread some para cord through the holes in the fabric mesh and tie the material to these. The vest already has elastic loops for attaching vegetation.

I think you can get a similar thing in the USA - a tan base might be better than the dark green.

Another option to consider anyway.

However the advantage of a suit based on a jacket/trousers is that you don't need to wear anything under it, and you can cover the front if you want a full suit. Pro's and con's to each method.
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Jack, first I have no idea what the heck you are talking about. Second this is a necro post. Third you need to make an into post. Fourth my ghillie suit has already been made to great success. Had someone step on me while I was wearing it and they still didn't notice me.
Jack you are in the wrong forum. I don't mean to be rude but please stop posting crap.
Lol. Garden posts! Jack you know we snipe stuff right?

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Either he's a troller in which case get the hell off this forum jack, or he simply hasn't noticed what the forum is even called and hasn't read any posts and just decided to post his own thing. In which case I don't know how dumb you can get.
He's a spam bot. The more you flame them, the more they will annoy the hell out of you. Fuzzy just needs to ban him:p
Bush, that's not the way to deal with this guy/bot. What you should do is report him, like I just did.
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Jack, this topic has nothing to do with garden posts, gardens or anything like that. Its a bout the fencing, used in a ghillie, not for gardening.

I strongly suggest you notice the name of this Forum. Airsoft Sniper Forums. I think you have the wrong site buddy.

PM sent to Jack123. I asked him to complete a number sequence "easy as heck" if he is a real person I should get a reply back with a correct answer, otherwise he will be banned today.
Jack123 you haven't make an intro post, I suggest to make one ASAP.

Yeah that too,lol..

Not sure he could be considered a spam bot though, he hasnt posted links to anything, just posting stuff that kinda makes no sense.

I also think if he was real he would have defended himself whan called a spam bot, but he didnt.
He also has the ability to quote people and say something about that quote. That tells me real person who's hobby is annoying people.
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