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plastonite cylinder

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Whats up guys...

Hey well I am looking at the new TM L96 and am planning on getting a new piston for it. But you have to get the entire cylinder. Now looking on x-fire they do have a few different cylinders.

So this is my question... what is the benefits of having a plastonite cylinder as to just a normal cylinder?

I am planning on keeping the fps of this rifle around 350 - 400 fps. In order to keep it really quiet and as consistent as possible.

Thanks in advance for the help guys.
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Do you mean palsonite? Anyway, the advantage is the same as that of a teflon cylinder. It's a coating on the steel cylinder that allows for smoother bolt pull, less weight, and it's a natural lubricant.

The difference between it and the laylax teflon cylinders is that the laylax ones are actually teflon-injected stainless steel, whereas the PDI ones are coated. Practically, it makes absolutely no difference to performance.

Seeing as you're keeping it at a low fps, there's really no reason to get it. Your bolt pull is going to be minimal anyway, and there's no difference in the strength/durability between the palsonite and normal cylinders.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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