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Playing with Light

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Two days ago, I was doing a little skirmish with a couple of friends when suddenly my environment became my enemy. It was around 6:00 in the evening, and the sun was shining towards me, with my back to one edge of the field and looking inwards, with my opponents in the direction of the sun. This created a very difficult situation for my visibility, and I had no opportunity to change my orientation relative to the sun to change that situation. Later, we played into dusk, which provided a similar environment, and again I was left on the wrong side of the light being cast. We continued into the night, at which point the moonlight cast a faint light over the field, and abundant shadows.

This day made me wonder how to take disadvantageous lighting and turn it in your favor. How do you guys deal with it? I figured that covering the space between my face and my scope would solve the visibility while aiming problem, but night fighting and dusk fighting visibility is a different story.

How do you fight with light?
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A boonie hat helps alot. And they make them in all your favorite camo patterns...

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