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Playing With the Kids

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So I was giving a trumpet lesson the other day, and my student tells me he plays airsoft. Now this kid is pretty quite, doesn't say to much, but when I tell him I play...oh man you should have seen the look on this kids face. HE LIT UP! Started to get all hyper and excited, I mean I had never seen so much excitment. He got even more excited when I showed him all of my gun. He thought it was so cool that his trumpet instructer played airsoft. He then Proceeded to invite me to a game on friday, so I figured, what the heck, why not? So tomorrow i will be going to xzone? its a paintball place that his church get into free once a year, they want to try airsoft on for size. Granted I have no idea the age group, but i'm guess they'll be young and they won't have great gun(probably wally guns or something). So more than likely i'll just be using the UTG mk96 the hole day, unless they turn out to be good, then I will pull out the mp5 or m4.
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LOL... Breaking barriers just by one game!
I gotta say that's pretty awesome, i wish my guitar teacher back in the day when i was learning played! :p My guess would be your relationship as tutor/learner will change for the better! :p
That's pretty cool, hope the game is pretty fun for both of you.
I once told a teacher I play airsoft and he treated me like a delinquent ever since. if I found a teacher of anything who actually plays airsoft I'd be shocked.
Well that It turned out most of his friends didn't show. So it was 2v2 all day. 2 of the kids used my guns, and they were rule noobs that don't fully understand the point of the game. But all in all it was a great day, and i get free access to that park for life since we were the first airsofters. The worst part was running up on the kid yelling surrender at which he started spraying...hitting me in the face, but thats ok because a few games later I snuck up on him with my mp5 and yelled surrender...he gladly did considering i was 5 ft away with my sights on his face :)
If they stick with the game they'll wisen up eventually. A few people I know either stopped airsoft for god only knows why, or are still at the stage those kids are at. You said only 2 of them are like that, so what was the third like?
I enjoy playing with new players over a period of several months, it's nice to see the progression of them and their understanding of the game and how to play it. Yeah you occasionally have the kids who never learn, but those are the kids that want everything their way and can't accept it not being that way.

I remember when I used to marshal I would often start off giving the young guns advice and turn them into true airsoft ninjas only to have my arse handed to me a few weeks later with tricks I taught them.
He was like the rest. He didn't want to call his hits, which ticked me off. For instense, at the begining of one of the games i took of torwards them to get a spot setup. They both move to my left and i take a pop shot and miss, but then I line him up in my sight, pull the trigger, watch the bb sail into his chest, hear the pop from his vest, SEE HIM FLINCH, and he doesn't say a word. iufsdgas 0.0 But thats alright he was only like 13.
There's an 18 year old and a 10 year old in my group that still don't call hits. We have to point out the welts on their arms and backs in order to boot them from the next round of play for not following rules.
That really erks me. I mean, Even though they were doing that I was still calling my hits even if it was the first 10 secs of the game. Also ive been playing games were i didn't feel the hit, kind just caught a glemps of a bb hitting my vest. I still called it. The point of the game is to be Realistic.
If they never play with people who do follow the rules they'll never learn. To them it isn't a sport, or a hobby even, just something to play around with. If they aren't really interested in the sport, they won't try half as hard as they could to get better and follow the rules. They just want to continue playing, not play correctly. It's like most of my friends who don't take airsoft seriously. Very few of them actually follow the rules.
I mean they do tactics and such, but they play a lot behind their house with 3 hit to kill rules. They aren't horrid, but they have a lot to learn.
I find most people who's see my guns automatically figure" well it can't be that hard" because they all feel they could "pown" me. One friend in particular aggravated me enough to the point I handed him a cyma cm.028 and hit the field. Aside from not calling hits, he intended to empty the entire hi cap mag in my torso... Knowing this I explained the rules but some are just to immature to follow them. Of course I took extreme caution because this kid wanted to overkill me, so I used stealth. I fired 10 rounds(usually I only fire five all game) at this kid before he gave up... And he swears that he was untouched by any!

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Well I was using green .36's bbs (which i can't hardly see) and a few time a swear a saw them connect, and he would flinch. I even shot him in the arm/hand, he stopped, looked around, waved his hand around and then kept playing, then i shot him in the hand, and he was done. I'm not really that mad, since he is young. But if i could have seen my bbs better my evidence would hold strong & true. Oh well, i'm about to order some .3's again...I like white bb's.
There's a guys who found some decent white. 32's The post is around here somewhere...

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Went to a CQB game once and a kid - I'd guess about 12? - was telling an adult to stop blind firing.

Age (up to a point) has little to do with maturity...
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