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Please allow me to introduce myself . . .

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Hello, All,

My name is Joe. My call sign is the same. How's that for originality?

I've been interested in air soft for a long time. The only problem (around here, at least) is I couldn't find any local groups or players. A store recently opened up here, though, and it was great to finally have a place to shop/play/hang out. I've only been playing air soft for about seven or eight months. I enjoy it, though and have met some very neat people while doing it.

I'm very fortunate, arsenal-wise. The folks at the store gave me some good advice about what guns would be good and what guns to avoid. My wife gave me a Tokyo Marui M4 for Christmas and then followed it up with a Chinese clone Mossberg 500 shotgun for my birthday. Am I lucky or what? I pack a clone 92f for backup.

I've had one too many times when my AEG just wouldn't quite reach someone I could see. I don't want to modify my TM (it's perfect for CQB).

I'm looking at a CA M24 for my base platform. From what I've read here, it seems like a good choice.

Chamo? Usually just tan or green. I'm new to air soft and I want to use what works. I'm open to suggestions.

I also love reading and spending time with my wife.

I'm located in Missouri.
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