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Please delete :p

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I just got everything expect for my Laylax Spring guide. Now, when I pull the bolt back, It just slides back, no click or anything. I seriously have NO idea what this is, and I know my rifle really well...
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A little more detail? (I'm assuming this is the ASR). So your bolt handle works? and when you pull it back the sear isn't engaging the piston? What parts have you upgraded inside the bolt?

Edit: The reason I ask, when I installed my 210 spring that last 1/4" was really hard to get used to initially. So what spring did you put in?

Also, a lot of times I forget to put the spring guide retainer back up (not sure what this is called exactly, the part you pull down in the trigger set to remove the bolt), so if there is not spring tension even, that is probably the problem.
The bolt handle moves, and I really can't explain it as I don't know. I have ECHO 1 Spring Guide, Laylax Cylinder Head, Laylax 170, Laylax Piston.
Is there tension when you bring the bolt back?

What color piston body did you get? The APS2 should be purple...
Have you got any spring spacers in place?

I had one in my rifle, but it snapped. So I put a new one in and then the bolt wouldn't cock.
I took it out and compared it to the old one, and the new one was about 1mm longer. I took off that 1mm and put it back and it worked.

So if you have a spring spacer, you might want to check that out.
The sear might have fallen out of place because of lack or spring pressure.
There is tension. The bolt goes ALL the way back, but then doesn't "Click". I have no idea what that means D:
I have this piston
Intallgrass, Explain.
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Yep, thats the same one I have, so it should work. Take your bolt apart and remove the spring. Re-assemble the whole thing outside of the gun (bolt on top of the trigger box) and then pull back to see if the piston even reaches the sear on your trigger box.

IF it reaches then you have a problem with the spring.

If it DOESN'T reach, then you have a problem with the spacer/piston.

... Come to think of it, you said you have everything BUT the PSS spring guide? I have a feeling (can't confirm since I don't have the stock guide anymore) that the PSS guide is shorter, since the space inside the piston is probably shorter to allow for the removable piston head... i.e. the stock guide is too long.
I have the same feeling. I'm waiting for the Spring Guide before I start opening stuff up and cutting stuff.
Also, your cylinder could be cocked weird, and not letting the sears hold back the piston.

EDIT: I would just try to open it up, and reassemble, you probably forgot something, or something is cocked weird. Usually when you reassemble, it will go away.
Disassemblied three times. I am pretty sure it's the spring guide being too long.
Okay, I have had this happen on my SD700 before. So, you need to take the bolt off, and then look at the spring itself (this is just a hypothesis as my gun fixed itself and i just noticed that the spring can move inside the bolt) see if the part the sear catches is out of place or if something is missing. If so move the spring. If you don't want to take any chances just take it apart and try again.
I'll try that heroic. Thanks for the input :)
hoggie said:
I'll try that heroic. Thanks for the input :)
One thing, be careful when you move the spring so that nothing else is moved away from it. And, a disclaimer, because I don't know what gun you have this might not be the best idea but no one has said otherwise so I assume it's safe.
The piston isn't hitting the sear set, and the piston is short. The box has L96in the corner and now im seriously wondering if I bought or got sent the wrong one?
I needed the cup-head thing... whoops ;P Epic fail. To make the thing work "properly" in the gun, I need one.
Got it ordered. Can't believe I order looked that!!!!
Got it working! Thanks guys!
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