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First off here's my feedback thread:


Looking to sell outright as a package (will sell gun w/out magazines and extra externals for a lower price)

I will only ship at the same time if either I personally know the trader, or if they have excellent feedback.

I will only do a straight up trade for another gun of equal trade value (~$800). Otherwise a partial trade + cash on the traders end will be required. Partial trade amount is negotiable however.

Trades Accepted:

SAW's (A&K M60 VN or M60E4, A&K M249 (w mods), E1 M240B, etc)
Bravo/Dboys/VFC PDW
Possibly other CQB guns
Heavily upgraded sniper rifle (TM VSR-10, CA M24 v2, Maruzen APS-2, etc)

I have up for sale my heavily upgraded Classic Army Aug. Haven't fired this gun since last year. It's just sat in a case underneath my bed. The gun is in full operational order, and performs flawlessly.

The gun started out as a bone stock Classic Army Aug A1. I added an A2 upper receiver, and a Phantom Kit at half length. This gun is pretty light, very balanced and is compact. It's set up to be a compact DMR with upgraded bolt action sniper rifle performance.

The internals mentioned below were taken out of Yankee's Aug DMR which he said was shooting effectively in upwards of 275ft with .28 bb's. Since the internals were installed in my gun I only fielded it twice.

However I currently have an M120 installed in it. It currently has an effective range of approximately 200ft with .28's. And 200+ft with .25 gram bb's.

Internals are listed below:

CA V3 gearbox
New Echo 1 Aug wiring kit
G&P white polycarb piston & piston head
JBU M120 Cylinder kit
Promy Aero Cylinder head
Promy 509mm tightbore
G&G M14 metal hop-up unit
Firefly bucking
Element H-nub
Systema Torque Up gears
Guarder Infinite Torque up motor
Guarder M120 spring


JG Aug A2 upper receiver (currently installed)
Classic Army Aug A1 upper receiver
Aug Phantom Kit (currently installed)
Classic Army outer barrel

I have a total of 15 110rd mid caps which are a mix of Classic Army, King Arms and Tokyo Marui.

I currently have the hardware set up to take this gun to the next level. Mentioned below were purchased brand new and have never been installed on this gun.

An AEG Burst Wizard LV, which is essentially a burst wizard v2 with a full auto lock-out mode for semi only. Wired to mini tamiya's like the gun. Direct plug and play. Instructions will be included.

Brand new (un-opened)Matrix PDI 260% spring (450-500+fps)

And an un-opened bag of WE 2,000 .40 gram high precision sniper grade bb's.


Total investment in this gun is easily over $800 total. With gun, internals, externals, magazines, burst chip, etc.

For everything mentioned the price is $450 shipped If you want just the gun send me a PM.

With just the installation of the PDI 260% spring and burst wizard this will be a 450fps+ semi auto DMR capable of shooting at least 250ft effectively easily.

Any questions feel free to send me a PM.
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Just to let everyone know. I will put the stock A1 upper receiver, and stock outer barrel and sell the gun for that way as well for a reduced price.
CA Aug is now SPT

Leftover from the trade after it goes through will be the following.

Matrix/PDI 260% spring
7 CA/TM Aug mid caps.
1 King Arms mid cap

If interested in send me a PM for pricing.
WE .40 bb's parted out and SOLD.
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