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Please help newbi! Ssp18 vs tm hicapa 5.1

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Hi guys, so am cross shopping these to airsoft pistols, novaritch ssp18 and the tokyo marui hicapa 5.1. This is what am looking for in that order.
1. Reliability
2. Part availability if it does break
3.performance (accuracy,shots per mag)
4. Cost

fairly newbi here but i do really like the ssp18 cuz its a one stop shop but not sure how the reliability and durability is maybe someone can chine in, i like the Tm also cuz i prefer the hicapa controls but seems like it can get expensive and parts are not as easy to find as the ssp18, let me know guys thanx!
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SSP18 already comes with an aluminium light weight BBU nowadays, with the polymer slide it's very competitive regarding gas efficiency, rof etc.
TM hicapa 5,1 is better bang for the buck compared to the gold match. gold match is quite a bit more expensive and slide will crack even with care, unless you upgrade the BBU.
If you plan to upgrade, TM Hicapa 5,1 is as upgradable as it gets for an airsoft gun, but it gets pricy real fast too. SSP5 is a bit too niche for a newbie that dunno much about GBB. If you don't plan to upgrade, SSP18 ootb will beat the TM 5,1 in longevity and accuracy, as it comes with an I-key and ML bucking.
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